Our Incubator is a Collective of Amazing People Striving to Build Delightful Brands

Fells Point Culinary Incubator builds commercial Incubator space for product development and community economic enrichment. Our road map is based on placing Incubators within minority communities to help foster innovation. Incubators will be created to support STEM, Culinary, Finance, New Markets and Advanced Materials. We are starting with the one incubator we all have in common, FOOD…

Locations are used for food, beverage & natural skincare based business

Our services

Brand Strategy

We support local brands from scratch or incubate and accelerate existing ones.

Packaging Design

We help create retail ready packaging and websites for emerging categories such as beverage, cosmetics, functional, healthy digestion, natural energy and plant based products.


Futurist- We think 5 years about how your brand will evolve. We educate brands on the four phases of growth. Experimentation using retail pop ups, proof of concept, pain of growth and scaling to win.

Social Enterprise

We empower local organizations, schools and programs that are engaged in youth entrepreneur programming with a focus on health, physical literacy, and community improvement.

Distribution Consulting

We offer guidance to work with Co-packers, Buyers, E-Commerce, Mobile Ordering and Merchandising

Small Batch Food & Beverage Co-Packing

Our version of co-packing includes providing the community with packaging, labeling and filling equipment to help create local products to improve and level the playing field for new brands entering new opportunities in Maryland.

Product Development Services

Starting a food company?

-State Department of Health
-City Food Permits
-Liability Insurance
-Manufacturing & Wholesale
-Farmer’s Market License
-Organic Certification
-Food Cottage Law

-Nutrition Facts
-Water Activity
-Ingredient Statement
-Allergen Statement
-Nutrition Value Analysis 

-PH Testing
-Product Sample Reviews

-GMP Good Manufacturing Practice
-HACCP Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
-SSOP Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures
-Serv Safe Certification

-E.Coli 0157:H7
-Requested bacteria’s

-Custom Tooling

Creative Labeling
-Digital Printing
-Screen Printing
-Sensitive Pressure
-Nutritional Labels- Standard, Tabular Linear 

-Cold Pressed Juice
-Nut and Grain Milk
-Plant Based and Herbs
-Orange Juice Production
-Micro Production

-Aseptic Processes
-Aseptic Packaging
-Hot Fill Processing

Number Of Local Brands Impacted By The Incubator

Product & Packaging Development Training |  Small Business Development Campus 

Creating and Innovating

Commercial Kitchen Services